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Why Photography

Originally from Florida, I moved to Minnesota after serving 6 years in the military. In 2013 my father passed away and I received his photography equipment. My father worked as a professional photographer for many years in L.A. and during his life created some of the most breathtaking photos imaginable. I began taking photos as a way to have a continued connection with him after he was gone. The idea that I was was holding and using his equipment to create memories and capture perfect moments was nothing short of a perfect feeling. After working as a Paramedic for just short of a decade, I decided that a life change was in order and I decided to follow in my fathers footsteps. I began working as a freelance photographer and jumped at every chance I had to have a camera in my hands. A while back I decided to take the leap and devote my time to creating a photography business that he would be proud of. I have traveled throughout Minnesota working to capture breathtaking nature photos as well as strive to provide families with photographic memories that they would cherish for a lifetime. Matthew Noel Photography became my imagined dream in early 2022 with a goal of making every photo I take a memory.

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