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About Me

Hi, I'm Matthew Noel.  


I discovered a love of all things photography later in life after my father, who had been a professional photographer for many years, passed away. I began doing landscape photography with his equipment to maintain a connection with him. In 2021, after seeing first hand the effects of the Covid Pandemic, I left my job as a Paramedic to pursue photography full time creating my veteran owned small business. I am so grateful to be able to share my passion for the beauty of our planet through my landscape and travel photography.


My time is busy fulfilling my love of nature in any way possible. With or without my camera, I am usually out exploring amazing areas and parts of nature. I am a huge proponent for conservation and preservation of the wonderful views that nature and landscapes provide and the sustainability of those locations for future generations.


 Please take a moment and check out the beautiful shots from around Minnesota and other locations in my portfolio.



Matthew Noel

VoyageMinnesota     December 2022
CanvasRebel              June 2023
Bold Journey              August 2023

Affiliations and Memberships:
Professional Photographers of America
Magnus Veteran's Foundation
Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota Landscape 

Flawless Summer Award 2023
Achievement in Originality Award 2023
Picture Perfect Award 2022
Contender in Visual Poetry Project 2022 / 2023

Matthew Noel lake side
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